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A Northern Tapestry - A Lost World

    A Northern Tapestry 'A Northern Tapestry - A Lost World' is a vibrant celebration of the Canadian landscape and her artists, photographers, and writers, featuring eleven evocative songs written and performed by Geoff Noble.

    He is accompanied by a rich visual feast of over 380 stunning projected images of art works and photographs which are woven into a lively tapestry of dramatic interpretations and poetic readings with actor, Susan Shillingford.

    'A Northern Tapestry - A Lost World' showcases some of Canada's most celebrated art and photography, with 380 projected images of works created by over 100 artists and photographers, including: Charles Pachter, Toni Onley, David Blackwood, Alex Colville, Edward Burtynsky, Emily Carr, Ted Harrison, Pitseolak Ashoona, Roy Henry Vickers, Robert Bateman, Cornelius Krieghoff, Clarence Gagnon,
    Homer Watson, Helen McNicoll and Abraham Anghik Ruben.

    Renowned writers and poets include: Farley Mowat, Robert Service, Pauline Johnson, Frank Parker Day, Ernest Buckler, Edna Jaques, and Margaret Craven.

    'If, like the artist, all could see, how marvelous this northland free,
    Glorious in majesty, A Northern Tapestry.

    "A magnificent show...not to be missed".
    Elizabeth Nolan; Gulf Islands Driftwood, BC. 2014


    Qualicum Beach, BC
    Fundraiser for Echo Players Arts Fund
    Friday, March 31
    7:30 pm

    Saturday, April 1
    7:30 pm
    Vancouver, BC
    Culture Lab
    Thursday, May 18
    7:30 pm
    Box Office: www.thecultch.com
    Canmore, AB
    Saturday, May 20
    7:30 pm
    Sarnia, ON
    Friday, June 2
    7:30 pm
    Box Office:
    Tel# 519-332-0978
    Toronto, ON
    Wednesday, June 7
    7:30 pm
    Box Office:
    Ottawa, ON
    Friday, June 9
    7:30 pm
    Box Office: www.centrepointe.com
    St. Andrews, NB
    All Saints Parish Hall
    Thursday, June 15th
    7:30 pm
    Fredericton, NB
    Friday, June 16
    7:30 pm
    Box Office www.eventbrite.ca
    Perth, ON
    Full Circle Theatre
    26 Craig St.
    Sunday, June 18
    7:30 pm
    Tickets www.ticketsplease.ca
    Tel: 613 485 6434


    "Our theatre patrons were captivated from the first note to the last image".
    Phillip Sutton; Theatre Manager- Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC. 2015

    "I don't have enough superlatives to describe this show".
    Glen Rabena; Artist & Carver, Hornby Is. BC. 2016

    "I have travelled every province and territory by foot, canoe, dog sled, highway, ship and plane.
    I have photographed for forty years, painted for ten. The sensitive words, music, and selection of imagery which you both knit together so beautifully, was deeply satisfying to me".

    Ron Hawkins, Salt Spring Island, BC 2014


    Media - Parksville Qualicum Beach News - March 28, 2017

    Northern Tapestry - Parksville Qualicum Beach News

    A storybook performance on Canada
    Northern Tapestry premiers in Qualicum Beach March 31

    ADAM KVETON - Tue Mar 28th, 2017

    It’s been years in the making, but Northern Tapestry – A Lost World is about to premier in Qualicum Beach.

    The multimedia show, set to music written and performed live by Geoff Noble, and narration and poetry recitations by Noble and Susan Shillingford, provide 396 views of Canada via projections.

    Some of the images are paintings, some are photos, others are sculptures, but they all have some aspect of Canada as their core, and they all to speak to the song or poetry being performed, said Noble and Shillingford.

    That’s what Shillingford finds fascinating, she said. “It’s almost like… when you are reading a book to somebody and you turn the page and you look at the picture… What’s fun is the paintings and the photographs seem to enrich the songs, and the lyrics seem to enrich the pictures.”

    READ ARTICLE and VIEW VIDEO >> http://www.pqbnews.com/entertainment/a-storybook-performance-on-canada/


    Media - WhatsOnDigest - Parksville / Qualicum - April 2016 Issue

    WhatsOnDigest - Parksville / Qualicum April 2016 Issue

    Northern Tapestry celebrates Canada coast to coast

    Gather a wealth of prose, paintings and photographs from Canadian artists, weave them together into a series of story lines celebrating the country and its landscapes, set it all to a score of original music, and you’ll have Whistling Fish Production’s utterly unique show, A Northern Tapestry.

    Click here to read more

    Black says Northern Tapestry will move you

    For Black, an award-winning author, longtime broadcaster and CBC radio personality, A Northern Tapestry is one of his favourite projects. “The hardest part of this show is keeping my eyes on the script and not on the screen,” he says.

    Click here to read more


    Northern Tapestry Set to Awe
    By Elizabeth Nolan

    Canada gets star treatment in show
    By Elizabeth Nolan

    A Northern Tapestry Theatre Review - Canada gets star treatment in show

    RANTS & Roses Article

    RANTS and Roses - A Northern Tapestry


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    For bookings and more info, contact Geoff or Susan at sgsn@shaw.ca

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