Whistling Fish Productions, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

Sotoba Komachi & 3 Kyogen Plays

    Sotoba Komachi and 3 Kyogen PlaysBACKGROUND:
    Whistling Fish Theatre Productions was founded in Mahone Bay, NS. Canada in 1997 by Susan Shillingford and Geoff Noble. Funded by a grant for the Canadian 'Year of Asia-Pacific', the new company produced a modernized Noh play by Yukio Mishima, inspired by the traditional Noh play: 'Sotoba Komachi' which dates back to 15th century Japan.

    Sotoba Komachi, a renowned poet from 16th century Japan, returns to a modern day city park disguised as a street person. A young poet strikes up a conversation with her and he discovers her hidden persona. The play ends in tragedy, in traditional Noh form. Sotoba Komachi was accompanied by 3 Kyogen (comic folk plays), which the Whistling Fish company performed in a stylized performance that blended eastern tradition with western. The plays ('The Aunt's Sake', 'The Melon Thief' and 'The Literate Highwaymen') received provincial funding to tour Nova Scotian schools and were often integrated into school conflict resolution programs with follow-up workshops and discussions.


    "Very Japanese ... yet reflecting a modern western outlook."

    "Lots of fun ... intriguing ... very different."

    "Comical ... loved them."

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